CUBURA -Alex Brief

Ohh hot lil’ numbers these are! These are Alex Briefs by CUBURA. They come in leathery black or white versions with a HUD to change the stripes and some color options.
They are made for Jake, Gianni Legacy and V-tech.
Try the demo first and wear your CUBURA store tag to get a 30% discount
You can find them at the MAINSTORE
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CUBURA Mainstore:

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THIRST Basix Jeans @ MAN CAVE 09/17/2019 1pm SLT Materials enabled, auto-hide scripted, and fitted for Jake + Legacy. Sold as separates or Fatpack available.

Stocky and I in our Thirst Basix Jeans. He is wearing the Holo Bomber also Thirst (found @ )
with his, I am wearing the Thirst Basix Tee (@Mainstore) with one of the many options available in the HUD This shirt fits perfectly with the Basix Jeans.
Here we are with my Miss Meta Morphosis dolly baby available @ Rachel Breaker
(Those jeans are wearin’ Stocky Well! )