CUBURA-Rocco Jock

I am wearing the new Rocco Jock from CUBURA.
This sexy item is 100 % original mesh
Made for Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni, Legacy Male, V-tech and Enzo Aesthetic
It comes with a 16 Color Texture HUD 8 duo color with white 8 duo colored with black.
You can find it at the CUBURA main store now


.::4BIDDEN::. @ MANCAVE Feb 2021

This bodysuit by .::4BIDDEN::. is awesome!
The body hugging fit is perfect and the textures are SO GOOD!
It is called The JAMIE bodysuit
It is made for JAKE GIANNI LEGACY AND AESTHETIC male bodies.
Comes with 10 COLORS solid, and 10 COLORS with black detail.
You can find it at this round of MANCAVE. Try a demo


CUBURA has a new hyper realistic jock! It’s called Vintage XL.
It comes with a HUD that has 10 CLEAN colors and 10 Dirty colors.
It is made for JAKE GIANNI V-TECH LEGACY and ENZO bodies.
You can find it at ROMP event. It opens on FEBRUARY 11

Cubura- Mancave Jan 17th 2021

OK Guys! You NEED these compression shorts in your inventory!
They come in 8 single color 7 Dark with light accent and 7 Light with dark accent and 5 special textures.
Created for Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni, V-tech, Legacy Male and now Enzo Aesthetic!
I love these !!
Go get them at MANCAVE on the 17th.
Wear your tag, and try a demo 🙂

Clef De Peau @ Kustom9

Wearing -Clef De Peau -Violet Outfit
This Sassy sweet outfit is
Made for Alice, Legacy, Lara & Petite, Isis and Freya
you will find it at this round of Kustom9 Jan 15th 2021

The Wild Side -Clef De Peau @ Anthem

Clef De Peau SIMONA skin for LELUTKA
If you went and got the gorgeous holiday gift skin SIMONAS from Clef De Peau, you will be glad to know the skin is available in regular tones and there are additional HD makeup HUDS and tattoo layer moles.
I love these glittery eyes and brows and latexy shiny lips!
There are also natural HD makeups, but I opted for the sparkles! You do it your way!
There are 4 Lelutka shapes Fleur, Lilly, River, Ryn (Lilly in Pic)

You can find it at this round of Anthem Event

Feature Image deets : Black Leather Mini Dress can be found at my babes store GET CHAOTIC-
Leggins by Evani
Tinsel Boa From 2020 PRIDE- FAKEIKON
Drip Crown-Regimade
Star Crown- VOID gift
Chest tat -Carole G

Clef De Peau- @ ManCave

I am wearing Clef De Peau Mehdi skin and shape for Lelutka.
I am wearing the head Alain and the shape and brow made for it.
You will find 3 shapes with your skin for Lelutka Alain and Connor.
I am wearing the Medhi HD Brows. I opted to wear the scruff version. Also comes with BOM Layer moles. You can find this gorgeous skin at this round of MANCAVE

Main Store Second Life
marcopol_oh FACEBOOK
Kmb Allen
KMB ALLEN Facebook


This sexy number by .::4Bidden::. is called J.C. Body Harness. It comes in 16 different colors!
There is a show hide HUD to hide the strap and ring.
There is a HUD to hide the rings and straps for your legs as well.
Fits Belleza Jake, Legacy, and Signature Gianni bodies.
You can find it at MANCAVE event Second life right now at the December 2020 Round!

Cubura @ ManCave December 17, 2020

I love this new sporty brief by Cubura. It is made for Jake, Gianni, V-tech and Legacy.
This one comes in 33 patterns to choose from. You can find it at ManCave starting December 17th in 1 PM SLT

(Mistletoe Headpiece was a past Cubura gift)

Clef De Peau -Antony- TMD

I am wearing Clef De Peau- Antony Skin for Lelutka- with the shape and HD eyebrow for Antony.
This is a gorgeous skin and shape combination with the quality we expect from Clef De Peau.
Try a demo and see for yourself ! Find it at this months round of TMP
Main Store Second Life
marcopol_oh FACEBOOK
Kmb Allen
KMB ALLEN Facebook