CUBURA has a new hyper realistic jock! It’s called Vintage XL.
It comes with a HUD that has 10 CLEAN colors and 10 Dirty colors.
It is made for JAKE GIANNI V-TECH LEGACY and ENZO bodies.
You can find it at ROMP event. It opens on FEBRUARY 11

CUBURA @ Romp!

Here we are in our Chunes Thongs, Cubura’s Latest release.
One thing I have always loved about Cubura products is that each comes with a multi color HUD so you are going to get a lot of use from each product!
This one comes with a 24 color hud for your waistband and Fishnet and several skin tone choices, and color adjustment for your package.
THONGS FOR ALL :)) YAY! You can get it at ROMP Starting the 11th of August.
(As always, try a demo and scroll below for all Cubura Links)
In this town where I'm from
There's not a lot of things going on
You've got to use a little imagination
To get along
So you go to a bar
And you talk to your friends
About boys and cars
And even though you're bored
They'll only go this far
You're so gorgeous, baby
You're so gorgeous, save me
You're so gorgeous, baby
Yes you are
CUBURA Mainstore:

Don’t wanna be friends

This look comes in 6 base colors and 3 metals: Black, Gold, Silver Bodysuit fits: Jake, Signature, and Legacy bodies. Mask is fitted mesh and will come in two sizes to fit. We will be at ROMP this round for this item and that event Opens on the 10th. Taxi: Lansing/125/127/21

I want your love
And I want your revenge
I want your love
I don’t wanna be friends
Je veux ton amour
Et je veux ta revanche
Je veux ton amour

I don’t wanna be friends

Dance Monkey

SIZED FOR JAKE + LEGACY MALE Mesh bodies ONLY , materials enabled. Sold separately or in a fatpack. THIRST @ ROMP Starts February 11th – February 25th.

They say
Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh, oh, oh
I’ve never seen anybody do the things you do before
They say move for me, move for me, move for me, ay, ay, ay
And when you’re done I’ll make you do it all again


I love this sexy item
New From Cubura! -Jamie Harness
Made for Jake -Gianni-V-tech-Legacy-Enzo
Color HUD allows for many color options on the individual parts.
You can find it @ ROMP event (starts 11th February).
CUBURA Mainstore:

The things you do
Aren’t good for my health
The moves you make
You make for yourself
The means you use
Aren’t meant to confuse
Although they do
They’re the ones that I would choose

And I wouldn’t want it any other way
You wouldn’t let me anyway
The way you leave me wanting more
That’s what I want you for

Who Loves Thirst? We Do!

Andy and I in our latest Thirst sexy active wear-
Andy (left) wears :
THIRST Strapped Tank Fat-Pack @ ROMP – 11/11/19-11/25/2019 Fitted for Jake + Legacy Materials enabled, fitted so no alphas are necessary, a small HUD to change the metal accents is included in all colors, fat pack available. THIRST @ Boardwalk-
Thirst’s JOCKD-November 2019 Varsity Shorts – Fitted for Jake + Legacy. Materials enabled, auto-hide enabled, comes with color HUD. At THIRST
I am wearing :
Thirst’s JOCKD-November 2019 VPL Sweats – Fitted for Jake + Legacy. Materials enabled, auto-hide enabled, comes with color HUD. At THIRST

New From .::4Bidden::. @ Romp and TMJ

Heavenly Harness – This item is going to be at ROMP event opens Nov, 11. Comes in 10 different colors for base and 10 different colors for Edge, 3 Metal textures and has a show hide.
Taxi to ROMP:
Cosmos Arm Harness-This item is at TMJ event this round. It comes in 10 different colors. you can change edges one color and base another. comes with 3 different metal textures too. Show hide all straps and fits Jake, Giannni and Legacy bodies.
The man Jail Taxi :

SL Marketplace-


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