CUBURA- @ MOM & Man Cave

While you are out browsing the shopping events, be sure to check out these two new items. Wear as separates, or wear them together like I have here
Cubura -Louis Sweat Shirt-
This item is made for Jake, GIanni, Legacy, Regalia and V-TECH mesh bodies. Color HUD included, undershirt can be hide and show.
Wear your Cubura group Tag for 30% off, and please demo.
You can find it @ MOM -
Cubura -Peter Sweatpants –
Made for Jake, Gianni, Legacy, Regalia and Maitreya Mesh bodies.
Color HUD is included,
remember to wear the group tag for 30% group discount, please demo.
You can find @

Cubura Links below :
CUBURA Mainstore:

The future’s open wide… The future’s open wide… Mmm mm mmm mmm mmm mmm mm…

.::4BIDDEN::. Jock Cup Mask

.::4BIDDEN::. Made us a fun item to cheer us up!
Social Distance and mask up with this cool idea.
This one made me smile.
Item is non rigged and resizable.
Comes with HUD to change Strap and edge colors with a black or white cup.
and the Main Store.
All Links below with the LOGO.
( Worn with Cropped T and KINK by 4BiDDEN Undies previously blogged)

You don’t know me

Let me just tell you I LOVE this one. It’s a simple, sexy staple and you need to go grab it rignt now
@ Men Only Monthly!
This gem encrusted crop is fitted for Jake + Legacy Male bodies and comes with a color changing HUD for varied color options. Change the trim, mesh body, gems and gem settings via the HUD.
Shown here with CAP & HEADPHONE Photos and Deets in the following pics

This is a cool lil’ collab From CUBURA + PIVOT Called the NOZ set for the Flourish Event!
Hat comes in several colors and has a HUD for metals and details
AND!!!! AND!!!! AND!!!! A hud so you can put your own unique Graphic of your choosing on!
(Rocky from Bullwinkle is like Tadadaadaah)
Several color options on the headphones in the pack too. Cute Right?! Go get it!
Event begins on the 23

See your iPhone camera flashin’
Please step back, it’s my style you’re crampin’
“You here for long?” Oh no, I’m just passin’
“Do you wanna drink?” No, thanks for askin’
Ooh, na na yeah
Don’t act like you know me, like you know me, na na yeah
I am not your homie, not your, hoo, na na yeah
Don’t act like you know me, like you know me, na na yeah
You don’t know me


MAX BOXERS – 100 % Original Mesh With Cubura Color HUD for all your sexy combinations !
Jake- Gianni- Enzo- Legacy-V-tech
Go to Cubura Mainstore for this cool Group Gift Wrist Bandana there at the counter!
Event started 17th, at 1 PM SLT LM:
ZIRO GYM SHIRT-100 % Original Mesh With Cubura Color HUD
Has an option to even add your own texture ( MY TEXTURE I made ! :)P )
Looks amazing with the New MAX Shorts shown also in the photo above this one!
Jake- Gianni- Enzo- Legacy-V-tech
MOM event, open @ 20th in 8 AM SLT
CUBURA Mainstore:

.::4BIDDEN::. Vincent Sports Tank

New From .::4BIDDEN::. @ MOM – Vincent Sports Tank
-Item comes in 10 colors and fits ; Jake, Legacy, and Gianni bodies.
Shown here with .::4BIDDEN::. Cosmos Arm Bands & Gym Leggings

In the Sun

Here Andy and I are, California Dreamin’ on such a winter’s day. I am wearing .::4BIDDEN::. Black -Drew Long Sleeve Crop This item comes in 10 different base colors and edge colors. Fitted for Gainni, Jake, and Legacy. Will be out at MOM Dec round. You can find it here –
I paired the shirt up with the .::4BIDDEN::. Gym Leggings (previously blogged)
and Andy is Wearing the recently blogged .::4BIDDEN::. Oliver Latex Pants in yellow. Yum Yum !

I’ve Been Good!

I am wearing CUBURA- Mashy Knee Pads- for Jake-Gianni-Maitreya-Legacy bodies. You can find them @ Men Only Monthly EVENT (MOM Event) Event is open 20th in 1PM SLT LM:
Seen here with Cubura- Taylor Briefs which I made to match with the multi color HUD @ Mancave December Round (view previous CUBURA Post in this blog for deets)
And Cubura- Hoo set gacha Ornaments from Arcades December round

Santa cutie, and fill my stocking with a duplex and checks
Sign your ‘x’ on the line
Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight