.::4BIDDEN::. Salvatore Glitter Heels

High boots platform and stilletto, made for MALE avatars fits Jake Gianni Legacy
You can find it here
@ Flourish Event Taxi- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Copper%20River/186/238/28

Worn here with arm harnesses, brief, harness and mask also by .::4BIDDEN::. Links below

You don’t know me

Let me just tell you I LOVE this one. It’s a simple, sexy staple and you need to go grab it rignt now
@ Men Only Monthly!
This gem encrusted crop is fitted for Jake + Legacy Male bodies and comes with a color changing HUD for varied color options. Change the trim, mesh body, gems and gem settings via the HUD.
Shown here with CAP & HEADPHONE Photos and Deets in the following pics

This is a cool lil’ collab From CUBURA + PIVOT Called the NOZ set for the Flourish Event!
Hat comes in several colors and has a HUD for metals and details
AND!!!! AND!!!! AND!!!! A hud so you can put your own unique Graphic of your choosing on!
(Rocky from Bullwinkle is like Tadadaadaah)
Several color options on the headphones in the pack too. Cute Right?! Go get it!
Event begins on the 23

See your iPhone camera flashin’
Please step back, it’s my style you’re crampin’
“You here for long?” Oh no, I’m just passin’
“Do you wanna drink?” No, thanks for askin’
Ooh, na na yeah
Don’t act like you know me, like you know me, na na yeah
I am not your homie, not your, hoo, na na yeah
Don’t act like you know me, like you know me, na na yeah
You don’t know me