This is a new fun item by THIRST! The AP. Jack Pro Series
It’s available in Solid and Gel styles, there are 4 sleeve types to choose from
Materials enabled, and it includes a color changing HUD for the casing
also includes a collectors box of THIRSTs own models Damien and Caiti.
You can find it at EQUAL 10-APRIL 2020 round
I am wearing THIRST Show off Shorts available in the Mainstore


Here I am with Flat Bock circa 2019, the cutout version of SL’s own Bock McMillan, who deserves a shoutout for lasting 13 years inside our little world of SL! Congrats Bock, Happy Rez!

I am wearing the uber sexy
Antonio Mesh Short and Jock, it is fitted for Jake and Legacy bodies.
Please note!! >> This is a single piece item and can only be worn together, not as separates.<<
Please demo before purchasing.
This piece is materials enabled and comes with multiple faces to change colors on both the jock and short.
12 colors per face.
You can find it here @Equal 10:
I am wearing the headphones from MAY 2019 JOCKD pack,
part of another outfit, but with Thirsts color HUDs
matches most of your other favorite bright colored Thirst pieces as well!
You can find past JOCKD items in the Mainstore @:
Here I am with all of the “Flat Bocks” 2015-2020
He can be found at the Pride Gateway SIM office!

No Good At …

THIRST @ Equal10 – The Valeska Moto Jacket is a metallic jacket with some flare. There is a crop insert, it is optional but only wearable with this jacket. (I chose to go without for this pic)

HUD included offers a variety of color options for the Jacket, Collar, Zipper, and Insert. Fitted for JAKE + LEGACY male bodies only, materials enabled, autohide scripted.

Equal 10 is now open. TP today!

I want you out of my head
I want you out of my bedroom tonight
There’s no way I could save you
‘Cause I need to be saved, too
I’m no good at goodbyes

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
I’m no good at goodbyes

Baby –

Here I am with Miss Lyds. No matter what’s going on in my little Second Life, I can always count on Thirst to be lookin’ good through it. I am wearing the latest THIRST item-
the updated Varsity Singlet in Solids as well as Latex Versions.
The Latex version are prefixed color ways, while the Solids allow for mix-and-matching of the Body and Trim options of the singlet. fitted for Belleza Jake and Legacy Male mesh bodies.
(I love the latex one! Fits like a glove!)
You can find it @ Equal10
TP Today –

Find me, in another place and time
If only, if only you were mine
But I’m already someone else’s baby
Guess I had my last chance
And now this is our last dance
You fell through the cracks in my hands
Hard to say it’s over
But I’m already someone else’s

Baby, ahh
Baby, ahh
Baby, ahh

Blue,Blue, Blue,Blue Christmas

Thirst is at Equal 10 this month December 2019, Presenting their version of “Ugly Christmas Sweater”.
I personally don’t find it ugly, and it is an awesome fit. It is available for Jake + Legacy male avis. The sweater comes with a multi color and texture HUD Some were even hand-drawn by the THIRST creator himself. They are really fun 🙂 Materials enabled & auto-hide scripted.
Check out Equal 10 today!

Clef De Peau “Allan” @ EQUAL 10

Clef De Peau Allan Skin For Catwa & Lelutka heads
@ Equal 10
3 Shapes for Victor/Skell/Gac
BOM Layers
The shapes that come with this skin are amazing, and some of my favorite CDP yet.
I am shown here wearing my own shape which I made for this skin.