.::4BIDDEN::. @ MANCAVE Feb 2021

This bodysuit by .::4BIDDEN::. is awesome!
The body hugging fit is perfect and the textures are SO GOOD!
It is called The JAMIE bodysuit
It is made for JAKE GIANNI LEGACY AND AESTHETIC male bodies.
Comes with 10 COLORS solid, and 10 COLORS with black detail.
You can find it at this round of MANCAVE. Try a demo


This sexy number by .::4Bidden::. is called J.C. Body Harness. It comes in 16 different colors!
There is a show hide HUD to hide the strap and ring.
There is a HUD to hide the rings and straps for your legs as well.
Fits Belleza Jake, Legacy, and Signature Gianni bodies.
You can find it at MANCAVE event Second life right now at the December 2020 Round! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Match/171/128/46

.::4BIDDEN::. Jock & Sweater!

Here I am in .::4BIDDEN::. Alexx sweater crop and Noah Latex Jock (details below). It comes in 8 colors, with show/hide alphas. Made for Jake-Legacy male- and Gianni bodies. You can find it at a new event called Manly Arena:

I love this sexy .::4BIDDEN::. Noah Latex Jock
You can find it Made for Jake, Gianni, Legacy.
You can find it at this round of MAN CAVE

.::4BIDDEN::. Kink OCT 2020

Mando Leg straps & Oliver Strap Underwear
Jake, Legacy, and Gianni
Mando Leg Strap will come with 5 base colors and 2 Font colors.
Oliver Strap Underwear comes in 5 base colors, 5 Latexcolors and 2 Font colors.
Find it at the .::4BIDDEN::. Mainstore


This fun outfit is from .::4BIDDEN::. Team Rocket outfit.
These are gacha tops and pants for JAKE,LEGACY,and GIANNI male Bodies.
The RARE is a pack with a Master HUD to change your Items and there are 7 EXTRA Colors.
You can find them at MANCAVE new Round Starting September 17 2020.

KINK By .::4BIDDEN::. Latex KINK Top & Arm Strap

I am wearing the KINK By .::4BIDDEN::. Latex KINK Top & Arm Strap
(The mask is part of a previous KINK release July’s Horn Mask which came with a feather harness scroll my 4bidden items in this blog for those details)
You can find it here at the Mainstore

KINK By .::4BIDDEN::. Denim Chaps & Low Rise Briefs

I love this sexy, fun cut out jeans version of chaps.
This is the August KINK box For .::4BIDDEN::.
Fits JAKE-GIANNI-Legacy and comes with 10 Jeans colors-
18 plain colored brief-
5 Eggplant patterned-
5 Peach patterned brief.
You can find it in the Mainstore Location.

.::4BIDDEN::. Juicy Mango Crop Top

Look at this cute Crop top from .::4BIDDEN::. It comes with an 18 Color Hud and you can find it at MANCAVE JULY ROUND! Go get it ! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Match/171/128/46

I am wearing the crop with .::4BIDDEN::. Brent Brief which can be found in the Mainstore SL and in the above Photo Caleb Tied up sneakers around my neck from antisystem. .::4BIDDEN::. Links below.