CUBURA @ Arcade!

Here we are, Chaos, Andy and I in our Cubura Xmas Rompers, building our own Christmas tree! This sexy outfit is made for Belleza, Signature and Legacy. There are 6 colors & patterns with all the bright fun colors and patterns we love from the Cubura, and a rare with a HUD containing them all. It can be be found at the December 2020 Round of The Arcade starting Dec. 1 2020


CUBURA for TANNENBAUM 11.21.2020

These awesome shorts are CUBURA’s latest release they are the Joseph Shorts
they are created for Belleza Jake – Signature Gianni- V-TECH- Legacy bodies
They are 100 % originalmesh
They have a Color Hud with 8 solid color textures and 3 special holiday textures
You will find them at Tannenbaum starting November 21 2020
I am wearing them with an older CUBURA item that I love, Johnny Crop from a 2018 Gacha.
CUBURA links below:


Not Naked!

So, if you are a Second Life nudist have no fear! No one can complain that you aren’t wearing ANYTHING when you don this cute item by CUBURA! I am barely wearin’ it and I feel just fine about it.
You may have to adjust your junks to it just a little bit.
Go try a demo, & wear your tag for your store discount. Comes in Legacy Male, Belleza, Gianni, and V-TECH body sizes, and HUD Options to change all the parts to one color or 3 separate ones!
You can use your imagination for that part! Find it at the CUBURA mainstore inworld!

Warm and Cool

BERT TANK- The perfect tank!
Made for Jake Gianni V-Tech and Legacy bodies
Comes with an amazing color HUD with Ombre options

ROB SHORTS- I love these short joggers with the sexy straps!
Made For Jake Gianni V-Tech and Legacy bodies
HUD comes with several Plain bright fun colors, ombres and special Halloween/spooky textures
Try a demo and
Wear your tag for your store discount
Cubura Links below

CUBURA -Alex Brief

Ohh hot lil’ numbers these are! These are Alex Briefs by CUBURA. They come in leathery black or white versions with a HUD to change the stripes and some color options.
They are made for Jake, Gianni Legacy and V-tech.
Try the demo first and wear your CUBURA store tag to get a 30% discount
You can find them at the MAINSTORE
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CUBURA Mainstore: