Here I am with Flat Bock circa 2019, the cutout version of SL’s own Bock McMillan, who deserves a shoutout for lasting 13 years inside our little world of SL! Congrats Bock, Happy Rez!

I am wearing the uber sexy
Antonio Mesh Short and Jock, it is fitted for Jake and Legacy bodies.
Please note!! >> This is a single piece item and can only be worn together, not as separates.<<
Please demo before purchasing.
This piece is materials enabled and comes with multiple faces to change colors on both the jock and short.
12 colors per face.
You can find it here @Equal 10:
I am wearing the headphones from MAY 2019 JOCKD pack,
part of another outfit, but with Thirsts color HUDs
matches most of your other favorite bright colored Thirst pieces as well!
You can find past JOCKD items in the Mainstore @:
Here I am with all of the “Flat Bocks” 2015-2020
He can be found at the Pride Gateway SIM office!

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