THIRST Union Suit 2.0 @ Equal10

Union Suit 2.0 by THIRST- Available at Equal 10 –
Fitted for Jake + Legacy, Materials enabled, auto-hide scripted, Texture HUD w/ 10 solids and 10 prints

Cubura Guilherme pants

100% ORIGINAL mesh Guilherme Pants by Cubura w/ Color Change hud to change body and trim. you can find these pants NOV 17 @ ManCave Here I am with my Cranky Baby Mandrake


You looked so good in green
I hope you’re well
And you look so good with him
And I’m proud of you still
Take care of my shirt
Warm and red
I hope you think of me
Still as your friend
I hope you love yourself
Your body and heart
I hope you feel happy
That’s all I want

Cubura Fur Vest

Fur Vest by Cubura fits Jake, Gianini, v-tech and Legacy
You can find it here @ The Man Jail
(shown here with Cubura Fida shorts)
Clef de Peau Russel skin November round 2019 @ TMD
Shown on a shape I made for this skin.

Until we Bleed

Clef De Peau- Rick Jacket in Herringbone For Manly Weekend-
Pose by Jess Poses- Market : Knife Included
 Lights black
Heads bang
You're my drug
We live it
You're drunk, you need it
Real love, I'll give it

So we're bound to linger on
We drink the fatal drop
Then love until we bleed
Then fall apart in parts

Dance This Mess Around

Walk. Talk. In the name of love
Before you break my heart
Think it over, think it over
Roll it over in your mind

This item fits for Aesthetic, Legacy, Jake, and Gianni. Has a color picker to change edge, string, butt. You can find it here –



.::4BIDDEN::. Baseball Tee
This item will be at Men-opocalypse event that starts on the 1st of Sep. this item has a color hud to change the band on the bottom with the color picker. We will have matching leggings coming soon too. Find it here-

New .::4BIDDEN::.@ MANCAVE- Cherish Harness &Thong

This Item will be @ MANCAVE Event on the 17th of Nov 2019.
Thong comes in 20 different colors. 10 plain, 5 Pineapple print, and 5 Penguins print. Harness comes in 10 different base colors and 10 different edge colors. Item fits Signature Gainni, Belleza Jake, and Legacy.

New From .::4Bidden::. @ Romp and TMJ

Heavenly Harness – This item is going to be at ROMP event opens Nov, 11. Comes in 10 different colors for base and 10 different colors for Edge, 3 Metal textures and has a show hide.
Taxi to ROMP:
Cosmos Arm Harness-This item is at TMJ event this round. It comes in 10 different colors. you can change edges one color and base another. comes with 3 different metal textures too. Show hide all straps and fits Jake, Giannni and Legacy bodies.
The man Jail Taxi :

SL Marketplace-


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